So what exactly is zURL?

zURL is a URL shortener. It lets you convert your long links into nice, manageable short links.

An Example

Turn this URL:

into this nice, tiny URL:

Free Membership

While the basic zURL shortening service can be used without creating an account, registering has a number of advantages, including custom URLs and hit statistics

Custom URLs

Custom URLs allow you to specify the short URL to use, rather than using a generic one. For example, you may turn this URL:

into this nice, tiny, descriptive URL:

There are two types of custom URLs: normal custom URLs, and user URLs. Custom URLs:

User URLs:

Hit Statistics

Registered users also get advanced statistics on who is visiting their URLs. This includes referrers (what site they come from), and countries.


zURL is NOT a place to post your spam or affiliate links. We have a strong stance against spam, and any spam links will be DELETED. If you have been sent a spam zURL link, please report it.